Introducing Tonic KYC: Streamlining KYC Processes

Tonic KYC, a vital component of our comprehensive Tonic Wealth Management suite, is now available as a standalone solution, offering a seamless and efficient approach to Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. With Tonic KYC, you can automate KYC procedures through a configurable framework, ensuring compliance and enhancing risk management.

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Configurable KYC Framework

Tonic KYC offers a highly adaptable KYC framework. Define preset groups of rules to cater to different client requirements, such as those within the EU and outside, with the option to set one as the default. Within each preset, configure a set of rules to create a customized KYC process.

Risk Scoring Engine

Tonic KYC includes a risk scoring engine that assigns KYC scores to individuals and companies. These scores are based on configurable rules, allowing you to assess risks accurately. You can also set rules as ORA (Overall Risk Assessment), which automatically assigns scores when rule conditions are met.

Category-Based Scoring

Categorize rules to evaluate risks in different dimensions, including Geographical Risk, Type of Customer Risk, Product & Services Risk, and Interface Risk. This feature provides a more comprehensive view of risk assessment.

Workflow Integration

Associate workflows with specific KYC scores to initiate predefined actions automatically. This streamlines compliance processes, saving time and ensuring regulatory adherence.

Ongoing Monitoring

Tonic KYC includes built-in ongoing monitoring capabilities. Whenever relevant properties change (e.g., nationality of an individual), the system automatically recalculates the KYC score and triggers workflows, if configured. This feature enhances vigilance and keeps you updated on potential risks.

User-Friendly Interface

Tonic KYC boasts a user-friendly interface with modern design elements. It is available across multiple devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, ensuring a seamless user experience. An integrated help chatbot assists users throughout the onboarding process.

Experience the Future of KYC

Tonic KYC revolutionizes KYC processes by offering flexibility, automation, and adaptability. Ensure compliance with ease and mitigate risks effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how Tonic KYC can benefit your business, whether as a standalone solution or as part of Tonic Wealth Management.

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