Welcome to our comprehensive Portfolio Management Solution!

Discover the power of Tonic, your all-in-one platform for streamlining and enhancing your portfolio management processes. 

From portfolio valuations and NAV reporting to order management workflows with compliance at its core, Tonic has got you covered. 

Our open API empowers you to seamlessly connect to trading APIs and price data feeds, while features like corporate action execution, automated market change alerts, and KPIs for portfolio manager performance insights ensure you stay ahead in the game. 

With MIFID II transaction reporting, simplified fee accruals, cash management, efficient portfolio analysis, content management, and a flexible dashboard, Tonic offers the tools you need to excel in today’s dynamic financial landscape. 

Explore how Tonic can transform your portfolio management experience.

Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio valuations and NAV Reporting
  • Order Management Workflow with compliance at its core
  • Open API which enables you to hook to trading APIs and prices data feeds
  • Corporate action execution and management
  • Automated alerts for market changes
  • KPIs to deliver insight on portfolio manager performance
  • MIFID II transaction reporting & MIFID II Ex-Ante / Ex-Post reporting
  • Management and Reconciliation of Trailer Fees
  • Simplified Fee accruals and posting management

Simplified Cash Management

  • Configurable accounting rules
  • 4-eyes-principle for cash reconciliations
  • Bank Reconciliation automation through bank statement upload

Portfolio Analysis

  • Efficient frontier generation
  • Value at Risk and portfolio ratios
  • Composite Benchmarking capabilities
  • Simulating new holdings for risk analysis

Content Management

  • Hook any third-party data feed to manage content for your professionals and also your investors.
  • Publish research articles to your clients
  • Configure actions to be displayed on certain articles

Flexible Dashboard

  • Users can choose widgets to visually show any data, and set their own queries to configure the source and any filtering criteria.
  • The framework supports the development of new widgets as plugins for custom widgets.
  • Tonic also supports the concept of global Dashboards, whereby an administrator can configure dashboards and allocate these to one or more roles.
  • Configurable alerts on any dataset.